Discover beautiful beaches and stunning archaeological sites on self guided walks which will introduce you to the hidden delights, you’ll discover more than you ever could on an ordinary holiday. These walks take you through stunning natural beauty and ever-changing landscapes.

Often known as where “East meets West”, Turkey is a large and very varied country forming part of Asia Minor.There’s no better way to explore than on foot.

There are numerous pleasant walks in the immediate vicinity of Yakamoz for both the casual holidaying stroller as well as for the more serious walker who wants to step outside and see the countryside. This area is blessed with many forests, mountains and archaeological sites so there’s always somewhere of interest to visit.

In May and October you might even be able to encourage Mehmet to join in your adventures









1. Lycian Way 

The Lycian way has been described by the Sunday Times as “One of the worlds best walks”.  It is Turkey’s first long distance walk and quite simply, absolutely stunning.

1st Leg   Hisaronu – Faralya approx 5 – 6 hours one way

2nd Leg                  Faralya – Kabak approx 3 – 4 hours one way

If you would like to find out more then please feel free to look at the website on  www.lycianway.com

2. Kaya to Afkule – Approx 3 – 4 hours return

A beautiful walk through the Kaya Valley, then up through the forest to see this unique building. With wonderful views out over the sea, the Datcha Cape is to your right and the island of Rhodes is ahead and to the west.

According to legend, the monastery was built by a monk named Elefterios, using only the simple tools he acquired as a beggar.

3. Kaya to Oludeniz – Approx 1 – 2 hours one way

This is an energetic walk of about 5km rising from the back of Kaya Ghost Village before descending through the forest to Oludeniz. The walk is hilly and steep in places.









Yakamoz to Mendos – Approx 2 – 3 hours return

And now for something completely different.  This is a new walk, incorporating stunning views of Fethiye and across the bay, traditional cottages and shady pine forests.  The road is wide and easy to follow, and you can walk as far as you feel able.  Or alternatively, rest frequently to enjoy the scenery.  Take plenty of water.

5. Babadag / Ovacik Road to BabadagApprox 3 – 5 hours one way

Turn left half way to Mendos end up near shell petrol station.

This is an energetic walk up in to the forests flanking the slopes of the Baba Dag. The forest are part of a national park and as the road ascends, the pines give way to blue Lebanese Cedars before the trees fail altogether. Wonderful views unfold of the valley and Fethiye the higher you climb. Go as far as you like, or can manage – you can even wall all the way to the top if you feel the need, a height of 6500 feet,

One of the best bits of this journey is that the return journey is entirely downhill

6. Kaya to Fethiye via Belen – Approx 3 hours one way

A fairly long walk through the forest, down to Fethiye.  No steep hills and no traffic until you get to Fethiye.  You can see tortoises, buzzards, bee eaters, butterflies and lovely views out over the bay of Fethiye.


Please note that all distances and timing are approximate to the individuals abilities

Please remember that if you are planning to go on a walk to let a member of the hotel staff  know where you are going and also if you do have a mobile leave the number with us and carry the mobile with you!

All that is left for you to do now is come and enjoy your walking at Yakamoz.

Things to Bring

Here is a list of items that we suggest you bring.

  1. Walking Boots and socks
  2. Walking Poles
  3. Day sack / Rucksack for carrying essentials
  4. Basic First Aid Kit that includes bite cream and antihistamines
  5. Any relevant Medicines
  6. Sun cream
  7. Sunglasses
  8. Hat
  9. Camera
  10. Food and Plenty of Water.