Out and about 

It is generally better to change money in Turkey as our rates are better than the UK so bring a little Turkish Lira, some sterling and some Travellers Cheques which can be exchanged at the banks in Fethiye and many traders will change them for you.

You can use a Debit Card – (with Cirrus or Maestro symbol) to get cash at cash points. Talk to your bank for details of any charges applied.

Visa/Mastercard – lots of places accept these methods of payment but you will always get a better deal if you can pay sterling cash.

At the hotel
Please note that as we are a small, rural hotel, we do not accept card payments of any description.

Travellers cheques are no longer accepted at Yakamoz

All bills settled at reception can be paid in Turkish Lira or GBP Sterling. We are happy to exchange currency for you should you wish or you can do this in the local exchange offices in Hisaronu or Fethiye.

New for 2014

To save our guests carrying cash from UK we will be offering a facility where they can pre-pay funds into an account to cover hotel costs. Please contact us if you would like more information about this service.