Medical Services

Yakamoz HotelOpticians - The local opticians provide a fast, efficient and totally affordable service within days.  If you have a prescription you may wish to consider bringing it and benefiting from designer frames at a fraction of the UK cost.

Dentists - Having personally experienced the professionalism of the Turkish dentist, we can highly recommend that if you have any dental work to be done, your holiday may be the time to do it.  Once again, very affordable and you can get an appointment immediately.

Most opticians and dentists do speak English.  Ask at reception and we will book you an immediate appointment.

Health Insurance - Please ensure that you have taken out adequate Health Insurance before coming to Turkey.  The Post Office does an excellent insurance policy as do many UK high street retailers.  If you should have the misfortune to need medical services while here, we can assure you that the local hospitals and clinics in Fethiye provide the very highest standards of treatment.  If you intend to participate in dangerous sports while you are here (i.e. paragliding or white water rafting) please tell your insurer when you take out the policy.  These activities can usually be included at no extra cost. NB: The European health Insurance card (EHIC) is not valid in Turkey.